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About Us

About the Brand

Here at STYLIST, we love to make beautiful simple stationery and we have a mission to make handwritten love shine bright. In this digital age, emails and texts have their place, but there are certain things that the heart can only express genuinely with a pen and paper. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note! This is what sets us apart from your typical greeting card maker. We believe correspondence should not be about browsing the card aisle at the grocery store, finding something suitable, then just signing your name, it should be about saying what you really want to say in a heartfelt handwritten message.

We are excited to share with you our first collection of classic correspondence cards with a modern twist. Our cards are made from luxurious European paper and beautifully letterpressed by hand with gold foil. Each card is presented in an eye-catching envelope with matching gold foil borders. Our first collection is available in 10 different colors and adorned with various icons and sentiments to suit any occasion. Love and gratitude never looked so good!


About the Creator

Created by Shirlene Van Rij, designer, wife, and mama, this stylish line is fueled by her paper obsession and her love of all things shiny. She has spent the last five years living her dream as a stationery designer, creating custom invitations and personal stationery for over a thousand clients. She loves working with each client to craft their meaningful message, then playing around with images and fonts, and finally seeing how it all comes to life on different colored papers, textures, and materials. The best part of the job has been getting heartwarming emails and phone calls from her clients about how much they love and cherish the cards that she and her team have created. It's amazing to see how little pieces of paper can carry and deliver so much love and make a lasting impression.

In 2015, she teamed up with her multi-talented sister-in-law, Katie, and started this retail stationery line to share their love for paper with the whole world. They are inspired by cutting edge styles of the fashion and beauty industries. No matter what year, what season, what designer, the world of high fashion is always trying to do the same thing – create a fresh modern take on a classic style. Everyone is always looking for something fresh and contemporary, but wanting to keep it classic and timeless so that their style can endure the ever changing of trends. That's what STYLIST aims to do with paper – bring life to the almost lost art of correspondence by bringing fresh style to the classic card and envelope. A person's handwriting is already just so raw, personal, and beautiful, and we are just here to help make your handwritten words shine and share it with those you love.