Dear Katie, Thank You For Everything

I had this crazy idea about a year ago that I wanted to make the most beautiful cards for people to write little notes to each other. I wanted them to be simple and beautiful, but I wanted to dress them up and style them to show people how I see paper... meaningful, inspiring, and chic. There are so many ways to make a person beautiful on the outside, like with clothes, jewelry, and makeup. I wanted to show how beautiful people are on the inside, because there is nothing more beautiful than that of a beautiful heart. Sending a handwritten note is a time honored and classic tradition. There is no better way to share your feelings so they can be kept forever. Love and gratitude never go out of style!

I could never get this idea off the ground without my incredible multi-talented sister-in-law, Katie. She took this idea and helped me make this stationery come to life. She is now the Shop Director of STYLIST and committed to creating quality handmade stationery that you and your recipient will cherish.

Lavender Purple Dear Sister Card

Katie, we are sister-in-laws by chance, but friends and business partners by choice. And it's been one of my best choices ever. Thank you a million times for all the support, hard work, laughter, and love! Cheers to love notes being sent around the world! XO, Shirlene

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